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Geocoin Article about Geocoin by The Free Dictionary

In 2005, Geocaching.com made tracking codes available to buy by users, widely increasing the use and popularity of geocoins. Minor changes over the years from Geocaching.com have mainly focused on altering the minimum number of coins needed to purchase trackable codes and unique icons. There are many companies that specialize in minting and selling trackable geocoins. Geocachers can either purchase a pre-made design, or may design their own coin to be manufactured. Costs vary for purchasing coins from manufacturers. Some coins are very cheap, while others are more valuable for their rarity or special design.

This dictionary definitions page includes all the possible meanings, example usage and translations of the word geocoin. Geocaching is very similar to 160 years old games known as letterboxing, which also uses references and clues to find the hidden things like treasures, maps, etc. The geocaching was created after the removal of selective use or availability by the GPS on the 2nd of May, 2000. There is an increasing number of geocoins available. Check out the Guide to Geocoins to see a current list of circulating geocoins.

Coins with the size of 1 inch are called microcoins, because they fit into microcaches (e.g. film canister). The smallest geocoins with a diameter of 0.5 inches are called nanocoins, and have been sold since 2009. If the diameter is larger than 3 inches the geocoin is called macrocoin, and contains the saying of «that’s not a coin, it’s an anchor». A geocoin is a metal or wooden coin minted in similar fashion to a medallion, token coin, military challenge coin or wooden nickel, for use in geocaching. The first geocoins were developed by Jon Stanley as a signature item to be placed in caches. Many of them are made to be trackable on various websites to be able to show the movement around the world and visitors to be able to leave comments when they find the coin.

This is not always the case, so looking at the coin itself is the best way. To do this, look carefully on both sides of the coin AND the edge of the coin. If you find some kind of alphanumeric code, along with the word «Trackable», then it is an official geocoin. A major goal of geocaching is to track an object as it moves across the country or around the world. In order to track the movement, Groundspeak, Inc., the founder of the geocaching website, developed the «Travel Bug,» a physical tag with an identifying number. Groundspeak also issues ranges of IDs for minting «geocoins,» which are commemorative coins with tracking numbers, and other sites have issued their own geocoins.

This is a national Cooperative Extension resource

While trackable geocoins are not meant to be kept as collector’s items, some owners create geocoins with the intent of passing them on as collectibles. These are referred by some as untrackable geocoins. They generally do not feature a serial number for tracking, although an owner may include one so that future owners can post their find.

what is a geocoin

Twenty-four satellites around the globe processed their new orders, and instantly the accuracy of GPS technology improved tenfold. Tens of thousands of GPS receivers around the world had an instant upgrade. Have a laugh with the classic video game coin sounds and new gps pings. This allows for new features, such as Proof-of-Location . With PoL, GEO can only be ‘mined’ by going to the correct real world location with the GEO app.

Guide to Geocoins

If you have a design you would like to see made into a custom geocoin or any other kind of custom geocaching item, then you may be eligible for our resale program. If your design and concept qualify, you can turn the project over what is a geocoin to us to make and we will make a portion of them for you at no cost. That’s right, you get a batch of custom coins for free just for letting us take the risk of financing the project and offering it to the geocaching world.

If this happens, users visiting the cache will often let you know that the Geocoin is no longer there. As the Geocoin owner, you have the ability to move your coin to an unknown location until it is found again. Visit your Geocoin’s listing on Geocaching.com and choose the option to move your coin to an unknown location. This will not affect your overall travels and distance calculation.

Please keep in mind that shipping to an APO / FPO address will add 1-3 weeks to the order production and shipping timelines. The Limited Edition 2022 Great Blue Switch Geocoin and Tag are both trackable at Geocaching.com with a unique icon. The technical storage or access is required to create user profiles to send advertising, or to track the user on a website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes. We also have instructions for how todrop off a trackable item.

Some caches, like Earth caches, cannot act as containers for Geocoins. This option will not show up for these kinds of cache listings. Once you log that you have retrieved or grabbed a Geocoin, you can drop it into a cache. The cache listing acts as a virtual container allowing you to indicate that you have placed the Geocoin in the physical cache.

Where to put a lapel pin is a harder question than you might expect. Keep reading and learn the different ways to wear lapel pins. The most common coin size is 1.75”, followed by 2” and then 1.5”.

Cache owners also have the ability to move the Geocoin listed on their cache page to an unknown location. How do I transfer ownership of my Geocoin to another geocacher? Visit the Trackable adoption tool and enter the tracking ID for your Geocoin. Then enter the username of the person to whom you would like to transfer the coin.

Reviewer/Moderator/Lackey Coins are another form of signature items over the years these have their own following. Many of them have taken the time to create their own signature item. We made it easy for you to order your next product online! With our fast and friendly service you will get exactly what you wanted in no time at all. Our team has been helping customers for years and we are experts in the business. We do offer shipping to APO / FPO addresses at no extra charge to our service men and women.

what is a geocoin

This website provides the location of the nearby geocache and a link to download the updated Geocache app. Once you have registered for an account, login with your details. Select Find trackable option and further click on Geocoin home. Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity, more like the age-old trend of letter-boxing.

Geocoin FAQ

You can also explore 6 technologies across 5 categories used by GEOCOIN CLUB LLC mentioned earlier on this page. 6sense keeps track of employees who are working at GEOCOIN CLUB LLC. You can find more about their employees through LinkedIn or their website using 6sense Chrome Extension. Also, check out the jobs and hiring category at GEOCOIN CLUB LLC mentioned earlier on this page to identify which sector the company is growing. Government discontinued its use of Selective Availability in order to make GPS more responsive to civil and commercial users worldwide.

  • This will not affect your overall travels and distance calculation.
  • A major goal of geocaching is to track an object as it moves across the country or around the world.
  • We provide a range of options in terms of materials, designs, and special touches like enamel styles and engravings.
  • Geocoins offer a unique and exciting hobby for collectors!

There are two possible reasons why the Geocoins are not listed on your «log a cache» page. A geocoin is a collectible coin that travels from place to place. If you found a geocoin the first thing you need to do is «grab» it online so that you can add your own story to its journey. Refer to the FAQ for answers to other questions not covered on this page.

Revisit the Geocoin page to see if it was grabbed by someone else. If so, contact the user and see if you can grab it back to add your story to the Geocoin’s page. If you wait too long you may be unable to log your find. If the Geocoin has a goal, please try to follow the goal as best you can.


Product Types GeocoinsWhat is the difference between a die struck and die cast coin? Die Cast molds are fit together and molten zinc metal is injected into the die to create the coin blank. To see all of the geocache sites, visit the tour’s page at geocaching.com. A geocache (pronounced “geo-cash”) is a hidden treasure that one locates by using a GPS device or mobile phone. Geocaching is for adventure seekers all around the world who want to get outside and play.

You can order geocoins from Shop Geocaching (U.S. Orders) or from an international retailer. The majority of our coins https://cryptolisting.org/ are die struck into brass. Large, custom shaped, or designs with large cutout areas will be cast from a zinc alloy.


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